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electrfd.net is a new independent publishing house for digital artists' books. — Our publishing program focuses exclusively on unprintable books, on ebooks/epubs that explore the audiovisual possibilities of electronic publications. We initiate and realize innovative experiments in the field of digital publishing in close collaboration with the artists and authors. We are looking for creative connections and ideas, for content and exchange, statements and practices, with the intention to produce digitally crafted, innovative, beautiful and yes: electrifying electronic books.

electrified books are loud, fluent, connected, moving, quiet, energetic, shifting, animated, interactive, coded, experimental and immaterial, they do not fit into your regular bookshelf, they do not yellow nor do they smell.


electrified books don‘t fit into your bookshelf

All our publications are produced in the enhanced ePub3 format (short for electronic Publication). ePub is the most widely supported vendor-independent eBook format, while the enhanced multimedia standard goes beyond the simple layout of most basic ePubs to offer more complex formatting and rich media such as text, video, audio, animations and interactions.

electrified books are available as free downloads from our website elecrfd.net. In addition to each digital book, we design an analog limited edition as a printed USB card. Together with a lanyard, the book can be worn as an accessory.

electrfd.net was founded by Esther Hunziker, a media artist, designer and lecturer for digital media, based in Basel, Switzerland.


RadioX Beitrag: Im Gespräch mit Danielle Bürgin

RadioX Beitrag über electrfd.net, 25.01.2024
Künstlerin Esther Hunziker lanciert E-Book-Verlag für animierte Kunst-Bücher

Die Schweizer Künstlerin Esther Hunziker beschäftigt sich seit Jahren mit dem Thema des digitalen Publizierens. Seit 2000 hat sie diverse Netzkunstarbeiten realisiert; multimediale online Erzählungen, interaktive Animationen und Videos. Nun geht Hunziker einen Schritt weiter und möchte multimediale Künstler:innen Bücher über einen eigenen Verlag herausgeben. Drei E-Publikationen sind auf ihrer Verlagsplattform electrfd.net bereits erhältlich. — von Danielle Bürgin

zu hören auf RadioX:


electrified books are paperless

enhanced fixed layout ePubs are supported by the following applications:
📖  MacOs: iBooks, Thorium Reader, Vanilla Reader (online)
📖  Linux: Thorium Reader, Vanilla Reader (online)
📖  Windows: Thorium Reader, Vanilla Reader (online)
📖  Android: Vanilla Reader (online)

We highly recommend Thorium Reader.
The software is free, open-source, with no ads and no leaks of private data. The reader is available for Windows 10 and 11, MacOS and Linux. Download on:


eBook? WTF?

«The ebook is a stupid product. It is exactly the same as print, except it’s electronic. There is no creativity, no enhancement, no real digital experience. We, as publishers, have not done a great job going digital. We’ve tried. We’ve tried enhanced or enriched ebooks – didn’t work. We’ve tried apps, websites with our content – we have one or two successes among a hund- red failures. I’m talking about the entire industry. We’ve not done very well.»
– Arnaud Nourry (CEO Hachette Group): Meet the Publisher, Scroll 17.02.2018

«Können wir uns mal kurz bitte darauf einigen, dass das Trägermedium rein gar nichts über die Qualität des Inhalts sagt?»
– Johannes Thumfart: Debatte um E-Books als Kulturträger, taz 23.08.2014

«Muß man eigentlich noch etwas gegen E-Books sagen? Müssen sie einem nicht womöglich leid tun, die albernen Dateien, die gern Bücher wären, es aber niemals sein dürfen? Ja, das muß man, und nein, das müssen sie nicht, sie sind ein Unfug, ein Beschiß und ein Niedergang.»
– Friedrich Forssman: Warum es Arno Schmidts Texte nicht als E-Book gibt, logbuch-suhrkamp.de 31.01.2014

«We work in publishing because we love books. We work with ebooks because we’re both idealists and gluttons for punishment. We are full of frustration with the present and hope for the future. We want things to be better; we want change; we need change. But does anyo- ne else want change?»
– Dave Cramer (co-chair of the W3C’s EPUB 3 Community Group): Good Enough: A Meditation on the Past, Present and Future of EPUB, epubsecrets.com 18.01.2018
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electrfd.net is a new independent publishing house for digital artists' books based in Basel, Switzerland. Our publishing program focuses exclusively on non-printable books, on ebooks/epubs that explore the audiovisual possibilities of electronic publications.


All of our publications are created in the extended ePub3 format (short for Electronic Publication). They are available as free downloads or as special editions via the eShop.